I recently came across a post on Facebook that brought this word into my vocabulary. Heliophile can be defined as “one attracted or adapted to sunlight”. In the post where I first saw the word, it was described as someone who is drawn to sunlight. My first thought was, “This is me to a tee!” I don’t know about everyone else, but the last two months I’ve been craving sunlight, warmer weather, and everything summer.

This past week we had some nice weather here in good ole’ Indiana. The sunshine and warm temperatures made me long for all the things I like to do during summer – riding my bike; driving with my windows open; bonfires; taking long, barefoot walks; going to the beach; picking strawberries; and just being outside in general.

This then led me to make my summer bucket list. A few things on my list include flying a kite, going to a music festival, and learning to skateboard. And this week, I went ahead and started fulfilling my list – I started teaching myself how to skateboard! It was a blast and I was really glad to be outside in the warmth.



And I was wondering, what are some of the things on your summer bucket list? And for any skateboarders out there, do you have any tips? :]



Clothes in this picture: Jimi Hendrix t-shirt from Hard Rock Cafe, Free People high-rise shorts, Victoria’s Secret Pink Chicago Cubs baseball hat, and Urban Outfitters sneakers.



Hair Chalk


I recently decided to invest in some hair chalk, and today I went a little crazy with it, I was so excited to use it.  When I started, I wasn’t sure how to use it, so I had to look it up on the Free People blog. I’ll post a link to the video below.  But I decided to make a short how-to for any friends of mine who don’t know how to go about the process.



You’ll need hair chalk – I highly recommend Free People’s hair chalk, which can be purchased here. And you’ll need a cup of water and either a hair straightener or curling iron.

The process is very simple.  You pick a color, dip it in the water to moisten the chalk, pick a strand of hair to color, and rub the wet chalk from top to bottom down the length of hair you want colored.  Don’t rub the chalk upward towards the roots, as it will tousle the hair.  Make sure you only rub it down towards the ends.  While you rub the chalk on your hair, twist the section of hair so that the chalk will touch each side of the strands of hair.  Next, I found it was best to let the hair air dry for a few minutes (about five minutes should be enough), and then run the straightener or curling iron over the chalked hair to help it set in and to dry the hair.  After I ironed it, I would slowly pull the pieces apart because they were clumped together.  Then I just kept ironing until the hair was dry.  And voila, it’s done!


And just a forewarning, your fingers will get very messy during the process.

And here are a few pictures of my finished product.


You will find that certain colors look better on certain colors of hair.  I used a blue, a green, and a yellow.  As you can see, the yellow didn’t turn out so well.  If you want a better description of which colors work better for which colors of hair, you can find that here.

And the video tutorial by Free People is here. :]